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Three Advantages of House Calls for the Senior and Disabled:

1.   Reduces Risk of Injury

Traveling to and from doctors' offices can be a logistical nightmare for those that are homebound. Seniors suffering from chronic foot problems and/or disabilities are often too ill to attempt to leave their homes. During the winter months, the risk of falling and exposure to germs increases. They often delay receiving much needed care until weather conditions improve. In the meantime, their foot problems worsen or other problems go unnoticed. House Calls help to reduce, and in some cases eliminate the risk of injury by bringing much needed services into the comfort of a patient's living room.

2.   Our Podiatrists Assess Patient's Living Environment (Emotional, Social, Medical)

Our licensed podiatrists are afforded the optimum perspective to assess patients' emotional, social, and environmental situation. In addition, the podiatrists can obtain an accurate account of doctor prescribed and self-prescribed medicines. This allows our podiatrist to customize post-treatment advice to best match each patient's particular environment and resources.

3.   Diabetic Wound Care Treatment

In the United States, more than 60% of non-traumatic limb amputations occur among people with diabetes. The majority of lower limb amputations in diabetics are preceded by foot ulcers. Foot wounds/ulcers are a major cause of morbidity (disease), disability, and death in patients with diabetes. Wound healing failure is a frequent cause of lower extremity amputations.

Regular podiatric visits for the diabetic can:

o    Reduce the insistence or severity of ulcers through preventive measures such as diabetic shoes, vascular screening, proper care

o    Promote healing of ulcers through wound debridement, cleansing, and application of appropriate medication dressings.

o    Reduce the likelihood of amputation

Schedule A House Call: (904) 707-8769

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